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“Nearly Symptom Free after 40 Years”

Following a serious automobile accident in my youth, I have had moderate back pain and limited mobility for over 40 years. Chiropractic care often eased symptoms over the years, but three and a half years ago, the symptoms flared up suddenly to severe, intractable pain in my upper back, down into both arms and hands. I immediately expanded my resources to include acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and therapeutic massage. Along the way I also engaged occasionally with Intramuscular Manual Therapy and Cranial Sacral therapy. For the last 18 months, I have been doing remedial (gentle) Anusara yoga one to two times each week in addition to home practice of yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis. The results have been, and continue to be astonishing (and well worth the nearly full-time effort). I have reduced symptoms to a low-level irritation, regained strength, flexibility and mobility, and I am in the best shape of my adult life at age 61.

Randy Clere has been a stalwart, indispensable contributor to this campaign. He has been beyond generous in bringing his skills and healing energy to fully engage not just symptoms, but the greater systems that make up the dynamic of the human experience, and within which the symptoms had become habitual over the decades. Randy’s knowledge and skills have often proven crucial; even when we reached plateaus in healing progress, he has recommended alternative therapies and even providers that have broken the log-jams. We are approaching a time when we will see much less of each other, as I am nearly symptom-free and ready for the next phases of life. It has been quite a remarkable adventure toward health and healing; Randy Clere has been a tireless, powerful and much-needed ally along the entire journey. Thank you, Randy.


Debilitating Headaches Gone, PTSD Managed

Nine months into a debilitating headache, my primary healthcare physician suggested an acupuncturist he worked with, Randy Clere. He knew him to be excellent at assessing issues and flexible in finding a solution through a combination of east and west approaches.

In the previous nine months, I had been tested and scanned. I was was given various pain medications in the hope that something would work. I even went in for sinus surgery, hoping for some relieve from pressure. So I was resigned to living with the pain for the rest of my life when I met Dr. Randy who predicted 8 sessions.

During the first session, I noticed myself relaxing, but the pain wasn’t gone. Then, leaving the 4th session, I noticed that I was walking upright: the heaviness that had been pushing down for all those months of pain was lifting. By the end of the 8th session, that heaviness was completely gone as was my headache. The resignation I had had about living with pain for the rest of my life was gone, too. I knew that it was likely that I would have headaches again, but I also knew that they would also go away.

So when bronchial asthma hit and I found myself too affected by the inhalers, I sought Dr. Randy’s help again, this time with breathing. During those treatments, he pointed out the link between the various chronic issues I was having due to earlier life in a war zone (PTSD). We discussed introducing hypnosis, in combination with acupuncture, and started a tailored treatment that has given me techniques in self-hypnosis that I use every day for relaxation, calmer breathing, and better sleep. This has given me a tremendously improved outlook on life and what to expect from and for my body.


“Restored My Vision”

I had severe sciatica for more than 1 1/2 years with relief only with heavy medications until I received acupuncture treatment from Randy. I no longer have that debilitating pain.

A year ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and was losing my eyesight. Acupuncture treatments have restored my vision and my retinal specialist has reported an amazing response to treatment and the bleeding has stopped, fluid and cyst are gone. They say it’s remarkable to have this happen. I am on maintenance visits only with current treatments from Randy.

I’m extremely grateful for his caring and expertise and highly recommend him to any and all I know.


“Bounce Back from Cancer”

Randy Clere is a healer who sustains his brilliance with modesty and humor. He has a gift which allows him to see the treatment path for each particular situation and like an artist responds with his magic.

I have gone thru many difficult times including diagnosis and treatment of metastasized cancer. Randy Clere was with me the whole way and played an integral part of my cancer treatment plan. His regular moxibustion sessions were instrumental in returning my white blood levels to normal in between each chemo treatment, mind you to the delight and surprise of my Dr’s and Nurses! What a boost it was for me to see that I could bounce back in body and in spirit ready to go at it again for the next round. I am certain that had I not been seeing Randy regularly during this time and getting his full mind body spirit healing, I would not be the vibrant and healthy person that I am today.

Currently Randy Clere’s treatments are most effective as part of my stabilization and management of lymphedema, a result of the cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Randy Clere is an Amazing Healer! and if you work in tandem with him you will create your own series of miracles.


“Man Me Up a Bit”

Everything, working together; total system integration. That’s what I asked for. And that is what I got, what I always get. And always served up with a large-handed, big-hearted generosity that all by itself has curative powers!

I have asked for help from Randy Clere for everything from asthma and other lung congestions, to knee pain and muscle imbalance, to kidney stones, prostate troubles, urinary frequency, and just plain old general malaise. No problem. And not just ‘I can do that for you’, but ‘how do you want that to look?’ (I actually like getting up at least once at night to make water and then return to the dreamy warmth of my bed and sleep – and when I went to him to reduce my nighttime frequency, of course it all went away, slept right through the night! So I went back and told him I still wanted to get up, just not as much. He said, “Ok,” and dialed me back to once or twice a night!)

I even asked him once if he could just man me up a bit, more heat, more aggressive outlook on life and its opportunities. Sure. And it was done.
Randy’s touch is sure and firm, and never heavy. Whether it is traditional acupuncture, moxibustion, or a combination (and when I am prone or supine and listening to meditative bells or to chanting, and enveloped in the peace of his deep breathing, I can not always tell what all he is doing), Randy holds my body, my spirit, all my energies and my so troublesome mind as if they were all one. And he always spins a good yarn.


“Drug and Alcohol Free”

I came to Randy 12 years ago in the depths of a drug and alcohol problem that has killed every single male member of my family. Through acupuncture, hypnotherapy and life counseling Randy saved my life and offered a way out of hell. If Randy’s talents stopped there that would be enough, but there’s far more to his healing techniques than modern science can measure. Randy Clere is a healer of the first magnitude and he has mastered a number of disciplines too numerous to recount here. Mysticism? Hardly; Randy produces tangible results that stand the test of time. I couldn’t recommend any other practitioner with greater authority and conviction. I am drug free and alcohol free and have been for many years.

Randy Clere is the real deal; come to him with clear purpose and the desire to heal and you will be rewarded with tangible results and greater freedom to pursue your life goals.


“The Answer to Back Pain”

I have been seeing Randy Clere now for a couple of years. I was originally recommended to him from my chiropractor to help loosen up my back. Most recently I started going again as I was facing back surgery and a co-worker recommended that I go to an acupuncturist before I went under the knife, so I contacted Randy. After several x-rays, MRI’s and shots in the lower back to relieve the pain and not really wanting to have surgery, Randy was the answer. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found him! He is extremely intuitive when it comes to the body and he knows exactly what he is doing. I definitely feel like my overall health and well being has improved this year – and it has a lot to do with my regular visits.

One thing Randy asked me when I first went back to him and I explained what was going on that I will never forget is, “has anyone touched your back our felt around to see what is going on”? My answer was “no” and I really have thought about that ever since. They never felt for swelling, heat or redness that Randy does. They were relying on traditional treatment and that is one thing Randy is great at, not being traditional. His field of expertise is intriguing to me as I now know there is really something to it and for me it is a much better alternative than traditional treatment. I look forward to my visits with Randy as a treat to myself, almost like getting a massage.


“Pain Management – Accidents and Shingles”

Sixteen years ago my osteopath referred me to Randy for pain management after a rather severe auto accident. Since that time and through two subsequent accidents Randy has been a major part of my healing and recovery. He is one of my first contacts for acute illness and recently he treated a case of shingles bringing pain relief and healing much sooner than is typical of this type of condition. Randy is very gifted in treating so many conditions and I highly recommend him.


“Fever of Unknown Origin”

Over the last six months I suffered from a FUO (Fever of Unknown Origin) that caused me to lose my job because I was sick too many days in a row. At one point, I was hospitalized overnight because the doctor I went to couldn’t figure out what was causing the constant high temperatures despite testing me for quite a variety of illnesses. I was looked at by 7 different doctors during this time, and none of them could find a diagnosis even though they knew my inflammation markers were elevated. I was tested for all sorts of bacterial and viral infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and even had bone marrow drawn by an oncologist. But after going to Wisteria Healing Arts and getting acupuncture once or twice a week for a few months, the fevers became less frequent and of shorter duration, and now it’s been over a month since I’ve had any symptoms and I feel great. Even while healthy, I still feel better every time I visit Randy. I can’t wait to try the hypnotherapy and NLP.


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"Everything, working together; total system integration. That’s what I asked for. And that is what I got, what I always get. And always served up with a large-handed, big-hearted generosity that all by itself has curative powers!

I have asked for help from Randy Clere for everything from asthma and other..."


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