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Self-Hypnosis as a Tool for Personal Growth and Self Discovery

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

One of the most important tools that I can give you is the ability to do hypnosis for yourself – self-hypnosis. Each and every one of my clients learns a self-hypnotic tool or technique that they use after their very first visit. This is REAL power! This is REAL CHANGE you can believe in. Real change that YOU control.

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Why self-hypnosis?

Self hypnosis is an important tool on the Path to Personal Growth for those who wish to live a life of greater fulfillment and desire to accomplish goals. Self hypnosis can enhance and sustain self discovery and mastery. A daily practice of self hypnosis brings better stress management and creates a deeper stream of consciousness to apply to problem solving in daily life. You, too, can have a better experiential and emotional understanding of yourself so that you can create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Positive Results of Practicing Self Hypnosis:

1. Develop cooperative communication between your conscious mind, your unconscious mind, the somatic mind and the field mind. By practicing self hypnosis, you will learn new skill sets in communicating with your entire self, verbally and non-verbally. You will gain new insights and develop new resources for lasting change and self enhancement. Live a more balanced life.

2. You will gain a greater understanding about how you react or respond to the world around you.

3. An understanding of how the way you use your body determines the way you think, feel, and act.

4. Deepen your connection to the Spirit that is present in all life.

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What Is a Hypnotic State of Mind?

A trance state is a very natural and familiar state of mind. It requires an alert and buoyant posture, calm natural breathing, a gentle focusing of the mind and awareness to the present moment.

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How Does Self Hypnosis Solve Personal Issues?

Negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs are revealed in the quietness of the trance state. Once these are understood, their resolution becomes apparent.

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