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Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Neuro-Semantics

Neuro-linguistic Programming is an approach to communication and personal development developed in the 1970s.

Neuro refers to our nervous system/mind and how it processes information and memories inside our body/neurology. For example, as we interact with the world, our experiences result as products of what we see, hear, feel, touch and smell. In the NLP model, the five senses do far more than just funnel and shape information, they can also activate memories and produce certain behaviors.

Linguistic indicates that the neural processes of the mind come coded, ordered and given meaning through language and symbols (grammar, mathematics, music, icons).

In the NLP model, the mind uses two primary systems to process and store information:

1. Sensory-based, like pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells received by the senses;
2. Language-based, like symbols, words, and metaphors.

Programming refers to our ability to organize these sights, sounds, sensations smells, tastes, symbols, words, etc. within our mind/body to create programs that run inside our minds to achieve our desired outcomes.

By changing the ‘coding’ of an experience, we can change our feelings and internal state. When our internal state changes, we can change our behaviors to work better for us.

Taking Control of One’s Own Mind describes the Heart of NLP

NLP is famous for techniques that bring effective and lasting change. However, NLP involves much more than techniques; it involves curiosity and the desire to know what makes our minds work.

NLP involves an attitude of experimentation and play where we try one thing and then try something else, getting results and using the feedback to further and deepen the experience of change to get the results desired.

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