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Acupuncture Needles

Rest assured knowing that the needles used at my clinic are pre-sterilized, one-use, disposable needles.

A hallmark of Japanese Style Acupuncture (as opposed to Chinese Style) is that it is virtually pain free. Here’s why:

  • Superior Technique
    • Very thin Japanese style stainless steel needles (.16-.18mm)
    • Needles are inserted using a metal guide tube
    • The needle is gently tapped
    • Insertion depth is quite shallow (.05-2mm)
    • Needles are ALWAYS inserted into soft tissue or muscle (NEVER into bone, nerves or vessels)
  • 30 years of clinical experience of practice in treating human beings!
    • Compassion, gentleness and understanding
    • Constant feedback and communication
    • Clear focus and intent
    • I have treated thousands of patients, all with kindness and skill.

Other Tools of the Trade

Moxibustion – the burning of an herb (moxa or mugwort) on the head of inserted needles (kyuotoshin) or directly on the surface of the skin (okyu).

Hinaishin – tiny needles with a tape backing that are retained on the skin to continue treatment and control symptoms for a few days.

Kyukaku (or Cupping) – round glass jars applied to the body with suction. These increase circulation of Qi and blood and create space.

Shiraku – micropuncture that stimulates circulation.

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